3 things i love

bumble and bumble SURF SPRAY : if you’re going for the tousled, wavy look. a cheaper alternative? water and sea salt. or just dip you water bottle in the ocean. ūüôā but for those who don’t live near the ocean…


matt & nat: “COCO” in blue – canadian. vegan leather. lining made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. gorgeous.
timex: EZ READER. i love, love, love this watch. my mom got it for me. what a fantastic mom ‚̧

 ALL PHOTOS (except for blog title pic) © beautifullyfocused2011

TOMS: one for one

(feature photo above © beautifully focused)

let me be clear – i LOVE my TOMS! i love the “one for one” movement. i love how comfortable they are. and i want another pair.

photo © beautifully focused 2011

i’ve tried to convince my boyfriend that he needs a pair of TOMS, but he thinks they’re ugly. i’ve tried to guilt trip him into getting a pair so that he can feel good about a child in need getting a pair of shoes, but no dice. i guess i should remember that he donates to other causes and not give him a hard time about not wanting to wear shoes that he thinks are “ugly”.

if you didn’t catch the link to the TOMS Canada website above, here is another: TOMS.CA

now go out and get a pair!