there’s beauty in the breakdown


i have not blogged. i guess it’s been the summer and i’ve had a lot of family in and a lot of thoughts swirling around my head and heart matters to deal with.

stumbled upon this short behind the scenes vogue shoot with ADELE, whom i adore. even more so when i listen to her speak in interviews. there’s something so inspiring and beautiful about her that goes beyond her voice and gorgeous face.


where’s the restroom?

….iiiiiiiiiiit’s “spacial esthetic saturday”!!!! yeah, and i pretty much have sucked on the follow through. truth is, i find it hard to blog on saturdays as typically i work and then go out afterwards. today i lucked out with the day off, sunshine AND warm weather so i’m sitting in my favorite place ever (my parents sun room) fulfilling my blogging duties.

recently i’m pretty obsessed with anything rustic/modern. i don’t want total rusticism*, as if i’m literally in a shack in the creepy old woods, but rustic/pretty.

love that colours are trending again….



a bit dark for my taste, but romantically so…


last but certainly not least, here are two views of the bathroom i’m in double love with:


Enjoy the ideas (that I cannot take credit for) and enjoy your saturday!

*rusticism: basically i like to create my own “isms”.