excuse me while i drool

i spend a lot of time watching the food network. i like to think i’m half decent when it comes to cooking/baking. i’m pretty sure i  literally have the tiniest kitchen in the world. okay, maybe in the western world? i don’t want to complain. i’m very thankful for my itsy-bitsy kitchen, but it would be nice to have a little more room for all the prep work, etc.

a few days ago i was watching THROWDOWN WITH BOBBY FLAY, in which they were featuring PAPALOTE MEXICAN GRILL in san francisco. papolote’s is apparently well known and loved for the “triple threat burrito” (steak, chicken & shrimp) which is also the most expensive burrito on the menu, sitting at a whopping $19.95! you know you’re getting the best when it’s $10 more than it’s lowly burrito brothers. now, as you can probably imagine, all i can think about is this burrito….i WANT that burrito!!! seriously – please look at this thing and tell me you’re not drooling. . .(i suppose if you’re vegetarian/vegan you might not be….).


i’ve also been thinking about how much i’d love to pay a visit to san fran. i’ve been their twice and it really is one of my favorite cities. i spent two amazing years living in seattle and i’ve sorta decided that in comparison, san francisco is everything seattle is, only more compact and intensified.

ie: seattle has hills. san francisco has HILLS. you get me?

some very old school photos of the last time i was in SF:

….oh no, *gulp*, i’ve just been overtaken by a wave of sadness for all the years that have passed since this time! this was just after i returned back to seattle from two months in Thailand, which means this was spring 2006. wow, how fast time flies.

i’m old, i don’t have a labret piercing anymore, no one calls me jolene anymore and i’m seriously dying to try the triple threat burrito…