sunday night inspiration

A while back, in my blog perusing, I stumbled upon a video which introduced me to three things: peanut butter pie, Jose Gonzalez & Mikey. You can check out that blog HERE.

These three things lead me to this blog: In Jennie’s Kitchen, which I have since become a follower of.  Jennie lost her husband, Mikey to a heart attack almost a year ago and though she is a foodie blogger, this past many months have followed her journey of grief and moving forward. Sometimes I cry when I read her blog posts, but mostly I feel so inspired by the way she has chosen to move forwards with such bravery and grace. I certainly don’t want to discount (not assuming she’d ever read my blog) the pain she has felt. She certainly doesn’t make it sound all sunshine and rainbows, but I appreciate her brutal honesty and desire to hold onto her husband in a way that honors his life and yet still allows her to move forward.

Anyways, I was re-reading this blog from back in November of 2011 and I can’t help but find it very inspirational. De-cluttering, spending less time in the virtual/technical world and instead, appreciating and enjoying the little moments and making sure to focus on loving those close to you well. I’ve been recently been toying with the idea of deleting my facebook. This is a difficult decision for me because of the amount of friends I have that are in a vast array of other countries. But I literally feel gross when I realize that I just wasted two hours looking a pictures of FRIENDS friends –  people I don’t even know –  in the Dominican Republic. HOW DID I GET HERE? WHY AM I LOOKING AT THESE? What the?! Enough!

We’ll see how this all plays out, but summer is here, it’s been (for the most part) gorgeous outside. I don’t want to waste it sitting around on my computer. I want to breath deeply, love big and laugh a lot.

….and eat a lot of ice cream….







i love me some banana bread <3

featured image © joy the baker

i also love me some JOY THE BAKER, and you should check out her awesome blog! I made this low fat oatmeal banana bread the other night. It’s fantastic!!!! i added chocolate chips making it slightly less low fat. 😉

Low Fat Oatmeal Banana Bread.


Impressed In The Kitchen.

(feature image via CityLine)

Well, I guess I can set one thing straight right now. Blogging more often apparently didn’t make the cut as far as New Years resolutions go. However, my health and happiness took precedents and I’m currently reaping the benefits of that decision.

This past week I’ve been doing a lot of feeding, burping and changing diapers. I’ve been helping out a girl who grew up on the same street with me who recently had her first baby. Her husband was away on business for a week so I spent 5 hrs/day with her 7 week old baby, allowing her to catch up on sleep and tackle some errands. Needless to say I’ve had a lot of time to watch TV and catch up on reading (and prepare for mommy-hood). This morning David Rocco was on CityLine making a dish called “Pollo al Limone” (Lemon Chicken). I love lemon chicken.

I made it this evening and blew my very own self away. Amazing. It was seriously incredible. I even used vinegar/sugar/water as a white wine substitute because I was too lazy to run back out and buy white wine. Next time I’ll use white wine, as I’m assuming I’ll only love it more.

Check it out HERE. I can’t wait for seconds!

the things i like today

I got a comment on a FB picture from my cousin saying she thought I looked like Demi Lovato. I don’t really see it, but I’ll definitely take the compliment! After reading this comment and considering Demi Lovato, it made me think of when she performed on that Extreme Makeover where the Kardashians made an appearance in support of anti-bullying. I liked the song, so I took my curiosity on over to YouTube and checked out the video. I thought I’d share it on my blog because I like the song, I like the message, I like the style of the video and now I want a hand tattoo….. hmm.

Also, if you’re feeling bored at any point in the day, simply google “let it snow” and that should amuse you for some time. Especially the “defrost” feature. Haha!

One more week until Christmas! Getting super stoked! I made stockings for my boyfriend and I on Saturday, so far this is all I can show you because I want him to be surprised! I’m pretty proud of them. I am no seamstress by any stretch of the imagination and I even had to quilt the stockings before putting them together! Batting, broadcloth and all!

YES, I sewed this!

I also baked some cookies. I cannot take the credit for this idea, but I will share with you the recipe which I found on Pinterest. Click for recipe: HERE. Thank you @Bakergirl!!

I baked these!

#a pie for mikey

who is mikey? to be honest – i don’t know. well i didn’t know, until i stumbled around online and found out.  but i will tell you the story of what led me to this gorgeous video that made me feel sadness, beauty, love, community and hungry for peanut butter pie:

yesterday at work i spent most of my day staring at the book “CAKE POPS by Bakerella”. correction, i was drooling. well, i bought the book, took it over to my parents where my mom and i drooled together over it and discussed what cake pops we would make first. the book led me to the website – – which i’ve been pouring over this evening. i was checking out the bakerella blog and doing some more drooling when i stumbled up on a blog post called “sweet shops” which included photos and reviews of different shops she visited on the book tour (probably for CAKE POPS). there i stumbled upon pictures from CUPCAKE ROYALE which is out of Seattle (where i spent two years living it up and loving every moment – wah – i miss it!) and this made me really happy. i checked out some of the links on bakerella’s site and found this one: “White on Rice Couple – stories of food, travel, life through photography” . it’s a gorgeous blog. very aesthetically pleasing. looking at blogs like theirs confuses me on life pursuits. anyways, i scrolled through their blog and stumbled upon a blog post called: “Video for Jennifer Perillo: Mikey’s Peanut Butter Pie“. please read the blog post and watch this gorgeous video:

ps, featured image blog photo taken from “backseatgourmet“. if you want to see how the food community has supported mikey’s family, just google “a pie for mikey” and check out the images of all the peanut butter pies baked in his honour. it will move you.

honestly, i’ve never felt so emotional over peanut butter pie. maybe i’ll bake one in honour of this mikey and give it to my love. . .

PS – you can read about mikey HERE on his wifes blog.

a nice afternoon

(feature photo above © beautifully focused)

…nothing beats spending a glorious afternoon off than a venti iced green tea from starbucks and a good book. YUM! let’s be honest, it would be icing on the cake to be enjoying it sitting out on my porch but there are roofing people here with ladders and there is banging and well, they are roofers – AKA – i don’t really feel like hanging out with them on my porch at the moment. sorry roofers.

i’m currently reading:

i have really enjoyed this book trilogy. my only complaint is that it involves a lot of political talk and many swedish characters who are hard to keep track of, especially when i am not swedish. thus it has taken me a while to tackle this last book and i’m not even half way through it yet.

i have a slight book addiction. at the moment i can count twenty books that i have purchased which are patiently awaiting my attention. i’d love to start/join a book club, but unless they included the twenty that i have yet to read, i can’t see that making a lot of sense. one day…

excuse me while i drool

i spend a lot of time watching the food network. i like to think i’m half decent when it comes to cooking/baking. i’m pretty sure i  literally have the tiniest kitchen in the world. okay, maybe in the western world? i don’t want to complain. i’m very thankful for my itsy-bitsy kitchen, but it would be nice to have a little more room for all the prep work, etc.

a few days ago i was watching THROWDOWN WITH BOBBY FLAY, in which they were featuring PAPALOTE MEXICAN GRILL in san francisco. papolote’s is apparently well known and loved for the “triple threat burrito” (steak, chicken & shrimp) which is also the most expensive burrito on the menu, sitting at a whopping $19.95! you know you’re getting the best when it’s $10 more than it’s lowly burrito brothers. now, as you can probably imagine, all i can think about is this burrito….i WANT that burrito!!! seriously – please look at this thing and tell me you’re not drooling. . .(i suppose if you’re vegetarian/vegan you might not be….).


i’ve also been thinking about how much i’d love to pay a visit to san fran. i’ve been their twice and it really is one of my favorite cities. i spent two amazing years living in seattle and i’ve sorta decided that in comparison, san francisco is everything seattle is, only more compact and intensified.

ie: seattle has hills. san francisco has HILLS. you get me?

some very old school photos of the last time i was in SF:

….oh no, *gulp*, i’ve just been overtaken by a wave of sadness for all the years that have passed since this time! this was just after i returned back to seattle from two months in Thailand, which means this was spring 2006. wow, how fast time flies.

i’m old, i don’t have a labret piercing anymore, no one calls me jolene anymore and i’m seriously dying to try the triple threat burrito…