C’est Moi

. . .i once had another blog. i now have a new blog. i love do-overs. i was craving a more simple blog with a little more focus.

the long and short of it is: i’m in love with creativity whether it’s enjoying others’ or being creative myself.

a little more about me:

i have managed to squeeze in a lot of travels, new friends, and different homes in the past 10 years of my life. the past 4 years have been somewhat odd and have involved a lot of transitioning and change. these days i feel another significant change looming on the horizon. i could really go in a million different directions at this point in my life and the thought alone should be so liberating, but in reality i find this freedom totally overwhelming. i need to figure out a way to not allow it to paralyze me.

i love my friends and family fiercely, listening to new music, making music (i am a musician on the side – something a lot of people who are new to my life have no idea of), reminiscing, going out for good food and drinks with my people i love, driving with the windows down on summer nights, art, design, traveling, reading, baking, road trips, seattle, steve carell and my puppy, Pax (seen above & and probably a lot more over the course of this blog).

thanks for reading! i hope you enjoy.



thoughts? feel free to comment!

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