….because it is cold and dry out and I’ve been fighting with my skin, I thought I would reblog “21 Tricks for Healthy Skin”. Enjoy 🙂

beautifully focused

nothing like diving right in, right? i was trying to think of a clever way to kick-start this blog but after thinking about it for some time it honestly felt a bit too contrived. i have an old blog which has 4 years of posts on it but i needed to try something a bit different. so here i am and here is my first post….which i can’t even take credit for.  ahh but sharing is caring, my friends. . .

my skin – which i usually have minor issues with – has been misbehaving as of recent. this is my own fault. ummm, and so is the fact that all of my jeans are fitting much snugger than usual. right, i’ll be getting on that. anyways, so i found this article on the BEST HEALTH website and thought i’d share these “21 tricks for heatlhy skin”. #19 caught my…

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