Impressed In The Kitchen.

(feature image via CityLine)

Well, I guess I can set one thing straight right now. Blogging more often apparently didn’t make the cut as far as New Years resolutions go. However, my health and happiness took precedents and I’m currently reaping the benefits of that decision.

This past week I’ve been doing a lot of feeding, burping and changing diapers. I’ve been helping out a girl who grew up on the same street with me who recently had her first baby. Her husband was away on business for a week so I spent 5 hrs/day with her 7 week old baby, allowing her to catch up on sleep and tackle some errands. Needless to say I’ve had a lot of time to watch TV and catch up on reading (and prepare for mommy-hood). This morning David Rocco was on CityLine making a dish called “Pollo al Limone” (Lemon Chicken). I love lemon chicken.

I made it this evening and blew my very own self away. Amazing. It was seriously incredible. I even used vinegar/sugar/water as a white wine substitute because I was too lazy to run back out and buy white wine. Next time I’ll use white wine, as I’m assuming I’ll only love it more.

Check it out HERE. I can’t wait for seconds!


thoughts? feel free to comment!

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