30 Days of Thankfulness: Day #5 – “Parents”

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Ah parents. We couldn’t live without them. We wouldn’t be here without them. Some parents are not the best at parenting. Those kind are not that kind I’m focusing the attention of this post on though. I have my own two fabulous parents in mind. They’ve been on mind a lot more as I’ve gotten older. I will be thirty one on my next birthday (!?!?!) and I find myself more and more grateful for them with each month that passes.

In the last while I’ve been hearing of people losing their Mom or their Dad or their Husband/Wife. I recently wrote a post titled “#a pie for mikey“. I was perusing some blogs and kept coming across people making peanut butter pies for this “Mikey” guy. I finally made my way to his Wife’s website (she is a food blogger @ In Jennie’s Kitchen) to find out that her Husband – the love of her life –  who was  in great health as far as she knew, just dropped dead of a heart attack one afternoon. So completely devastating and painful. And just this past week a family that I know lost their Wife/Mother very suddenly. She was here and seemingly fine one moment and gone in the next. I wasn’t a close friend of the family’s, but I know them and I felt sick to my stomach the whole evening after my Mom called me to let me know.

After I got off the phone with my Mom I could feel my heart sinking. I could feel the fear creeping up through my toes and up, up, up into my heart so that it felt incredibly heavy. I am so scared of losing my parents. If I even have this conversation with someone I begin to cry. I know that eventually it will happen, but I honestly don’t know how I’d make it through if I lost one of them so unexpectedly.

My parents are so good to me and I have been fortunate to have grown up feeling very loved and important. When I was younger I used to always want time away from them. These days I want to be around them as often as I can. Obviously some days we don’t always see eye to eye and we argue or whatever, but that’s part of being a family. All of the sad news I keep hearing is a constant reminder to love and appreciate my parents well. I have no idea how long I have with them.  I have no control over it. I do know that I certainly don’t want to be standing at their graveside with regrets.

Feeling so thankful for my Mom and Dad. So very, very thankful.



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