3o days of thankfulness: Day 1 – “endorphins”

Though it’s probably not the first thing on most lists of things to be thankful for, “endorphins” are what inspired me to embark on a “30 days of thankfulness project”. Months back I read the book “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. It’s a super inspiring read and I had intended to start my own Happiness Project but never actually got around to it. I guess it felt a bit too overwhelming to try to come up with 12 months worth of goals at the time. Instead, I went on a road trip/vacation with my boyfriend and realized  that I’m terribly moody. Correction – I already know this, but the fact that I can just lose myself in a bad mood and have no good reason for being in such a funk is something I feel I need to actively try to change.

Why am I thankful for endorphins? Seems random, but it’s not really. Since I have paid more attention to my moodiness, I’ve also paid more attention to what cancels it out. This past weekend I spent with my Mom. My Dad was in Victoria, BC on a golf trip and she didn’t want to be alone. I kept her company and we did girly things all weekend. But suddenly I felt irritable and cranky. I don’t really know why – it’s possible it was due to PMS (always a valid reason) – and I didn’t know how to get over it. We ended up going for a walk and not even half way through I felt so much better. I’ve been walking a lot lately and though this is not some new found discovery, it’s true what they say (“they” are those people we always reference in times like these…but who are “they”?) – it  helps immensely. It’s nice to enjoy the outside world; not staring at facebook and thinking about how it looks like everyone else is having so much more fun (even though the truth is that only the fun parts of everyones lives are documented on FB), not window shopping online and feeling bummed that I can’t actually afford anything I’m drooling over, not stuck inside my ever-s0-cute apartment that happens to lack natural light thus making me feel depressed, not washing dishes. AND …. it gets my endorphins going which lifts me right on out of my melancholy madness. And on one of these walks I was inspired to start this “30 days of thankfulness” project. With thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s worthwhile to legitimately spend some time focusing on what I’m thankful for. It also promotes a better mood and perspective.

So if you’re like me and you struggle with being a grouch – go for a walk. It’s healthy and it’s happy!


thoughts? feel free to comment!

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