#a pie for mikey

who is mikey? to be honest – i don’t know. well i didn’t know, until i stumbled around online and found out.  but i will tell you the story of what led me to this gorgeous video that made me feel sadness, beauty, love, community and hungry for peanut butter pie:

yesterday at work i spent most of my day staring at the book “CAKE POPS by Bakerella”. correction, i was drooling. well, i bought the book, took it over to my parents where my mom and i drooled together over it and discussed what cake pops we would make first. the book led me to the website – bakerella.com – which i’ve been pouring over this evening. i was checking out the bakerella blog and doing some more drooling when i stumbled up on a blog post called “sweet shops” which included photos and reviews of different shops she visited on the book tour (probably for CAKE POPS). there i stumbled upon pictures from CUPCAKE ROYALE which is out of Seattle (where i spent two years living it up and loving every moment – wah – i miss it!) and this made me really happy. i checked out some of the links on bakerella’s site and found this one: “White on Rice Couple – stories of food, travel, life through photography” . it’s a gorgeous blog. very aesthetically pleasing. looking at blogs like theirs confuses me on life pursuits. anyways, i scrolled through their blog and stumbled upon a blog post called: “Video for Jennifer Perillo: Mikey’s Peanut Butter Pie“. please read the blog post and watch this gorgeous video:

ps, featured image blog photo taken from “backseatgourmet“. if you want to see how the food community has supported mikey’s family, just google “a pie for mikey” and check out the images of all the peanut butter pies baked in his honour. it will move you.

honestly, i’ve never felt so emotional over peanut butter pie. maybe i’ll bake one in honour of this mikey and give it to my love. . .

PS – you can read about mikey HERE on his wifes blog.


thoughts? feel free to comment!

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