a dejavu dia

a:     i haven’t made it my business to watch “THE VOICE” but it happened to be on “E” and so i accidentally got roped into seeing    who was eliminated this evening…

b:    a number or years ago i bought a song on iTunes called “monster” by a sister duo called “meg&dia”. i liked it. a lot. keep in mind – it was 2006.

c:    i decided soon after this that i one day would name one of my daughters (if i had any), dia. i still love that name. and yes, i am aware that i am not a latina. leave me alone.

d:    tonight on THE VOICE i noticed a gorgeous girl singing kanye west’s “heartless”. this girl looked a lot like jessica alba actually.

e:    ….along comes the elimination and i see pretty jessica alba look-a-like and…..wait a minute – her name is….dia frampton???

f:    um, is it really fair that someone who was once a recording artist signed to a label is on the voice? i dunno. i’m just wondering…

in any case, all confusion and surprise aside, i really loved meg&dia’s vocals back in the day and i thought dia’s cover of heartless was mind blowing. i love, love, loved it!

in conclusion, i would like to share with you the meg&dia video for monsters from back in 2006/7 and dia’s cover of “heartless”. enjoy!

hmph! apparently  i cannot embed the video of dia covering “heartless” so please, if you would like to see it, follow the link below. it’s amazing – so i suggest you do. 🙂



thoughts? feel free to comment!

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