but. . . could you live in this?

homes are expensive. yes, i get it. i would love to own a house, but alas i am confined to apartment living for now. i am fortunate to live in one of the most affordable cities in Canada re: owning a house – still that dream is somewhere in the distant future.

but. . . my boyfriend told me about the how the idea of building homes out of shipping containers. it has become quite popular and for good reasons: they’re rot and mold proof, structurally stable, fairly easy and quick to contruct as well as being extremely – duh duh na naaaaaaa – AFFORDABLE!

check it out: this house was built in Quebec for $175, 000! there is very informative article featuring this very house and the growing popularity of building shipping container homes. check that out and more pictures of this house on the LOW IMPACT LIVING website HERE.

i love love love this! i’m sure it’s obvious what my home building plans are 😉 plus – what a fantastic way to recycle!

here are some more:






thoughts? feel free to comment!

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