a nice afternoon

(feature photo above © beautifully focused)

…nothing beats spending a glorious afternoon off than a venti iced green tea from starbucks and a good book. YUM! let’s be honest, it would be icing on the cake to be enjoying it sitting out on my porch but there are roofing people here with ladders and there is banging and well, they are roofers – AKA – i don’t really feel like hanging out with them on my porch at the moment. sorry roofers.

i’m currently reading:

i have really enjoyed this book trilogy. my only complaint is that it involves a lot of political talk and many swedish characters who are hard to keep track of, especially when i am not swedish. thus it has taken me a while to tackle this last book and i’m not even half way through it yet.

i have a slight book addiction. at the moment i can count twenty books that i have purchased which are patiently awaiting my attention. i’d love to start/join a book club, but unless they included the twenty that i have yet to read, i can’t see that making a lot of sense. one day…


thoughts? feel free to comment!

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